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Optimization and Pilot Testing of the Developed Drying System for Seaweeds

A project funded by DOST-PCAARRD which is an offshoot of the earlier project entitled “Development of a Drying System for Seaweeds” likewise funded by the same agency. There were two (2) types of drying system that were developed, these are the floating-type and the permanent-type drying system were a Utility Model Patent was already applied. The two (2) year project started last June 16, 2018. As the title suggest, the developed drying system was optimized to determine the optimum operating parameters of the developed technology. Furthermore, the result of the study was the basis in coming up with the commercial prototype. The optimization study was conducted in Looc, Romblon were a floating-type drying system was constructed (Figure 1) thru the help of DOST-Provincial Science and Technology Center of Romblon who funded the construction. On the other hand, the permanent-type drying system installed in Anilawan, Puerto Princesa, Palawan was strengthened (Figure 2). A retaining wall “rip rap” was constructed which served as the foundation of the dryer. The bamboo flooring was replaced with lumber and additional structural frames were installed for added stability. The modifications done was to safeguard the structure from strong winds and storm surges which hit the area last year. For the Year 2 project implementation, a pilot site will be selected where the commercial prototype of the drying system will be installed and suitability testing will be done afterwards.

Project Staff:

Dr. Ronel S. Pangan               – Project Leader

Eng’r. Mel Vincent Ampo      – Research Staff

Eng’r. Ynno Barredo              – Research Staff

Mr. Emmanuel C. Repoldo    – Support Staff

Funding Support: DOST-PCAARRD